AGES 2-1/2 TO 5-1/2

ABC International Montessori Academy introduces children to the joy of learning. Our classrooms are organized into five distinct areas of the Montessori environment:
  1. Practical life
  2. Sensorial
  3. Language
  4. Math and
  5. Cultural subjects (geography, science, music, art, dance).

Children have freedom of movement - they choose the activity and set the pace. The teacher's task is to stimulate interest - to keep the fires burning.

Practical Life

Practical life activities make up the foundation of the program and include many tasks the child sees as part of the daily routine such as pouring liquids, preparing foods, fastening clothes, washing hands, dishes and clothes, dusting and sweeping, and carrying objects. With these activities, children develop muscle coordination, become more independent and learn to work at a task from beginning to end.


Sensorial materials help children create an awareness of form, shape, size, color, sound, weight, smell and touch. Sensorial materials are crucial elements to all areas of learning, i.e, sound exercises lead to music.


Language instruction is integrated into the entire program. Children become familiar with sounds and symbols, begin to make their own words with a special "movable alphabet" and then begin to write words and stories. Stories, poems and social conversations are important in the Montessori environment. Children at ABC lnternational Montessori have the opportunity to study a second language through regular instruction in Spanish.


Children learn math concepts through the use of objects. These objects can be felt and moved. The use of concrete materials help children learn basic concepts and then elaborate on them.

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